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The default SPACAR version distributed via Blackboard supports flexible multibody models with a maximum of 120 degrees of freedom. For example, if fully flexible beams are considered (meaning there are six flexible deformation modes per beam), a maximum of 20 beam elements can be used. For problems with limited complexity, this should be sufficient.

Known bugs

Read/write errors When SPACAR Light (and also the full version) is called, it reads and writes an input and output file to the disk of your computer. When the program is called repeatedly in consecutive calls (for example in an optimization routine), this could result in read/write errors, causing the simulation to fail or even MATLAB to crash (indicating a Fortran/Intel read/write error). Similar read/write errors can occur when insufficient free space is available on your disk.

To prevent this problem, make sure your MATLAB working directory is not synchronized over the internet (e.g. with an active Dropxbox folder or another cloud service). Best practice is to use a physical (and internal) disk.

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