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SPACAR Light — updating installation

This page explains how to check whether an update to SPACAR Light is available and how to update your installation.

Finding installed version

Given a working installation, simply running the included example.m file will produce a structure in the MATLAB workspace called out. That structure contains a version field, so entering out.version in the command window after a simulation shows what the current version is. Alternatively, you can enter help spacarlight and find the version number in the description.

Finding the most recent version

The development of SPACAR Light occurs on GitHub. The most recent version can be found on the releases page.

Updating existing installation

Assuming that a version of SPACAR Light is installed according to the instructions and that a new version is available, simply overwrite [userpath]\spacar\spacarlight.m with the new file. Then, if MATLAB is still running, either restart it, or issue restoredefaultpath in the command window.

Scripts calling SPACAR Light can then be executed provided that they have access the program as detailed in step 5 on the installation page.

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